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Senior Elite Team Requirements

Senior Elite Team Requirements


This team is for Advanced Level dancers ages 12 and up. This team is a workshop competition level team.

Elite Skill Requirements

Below are the skills required for the Junior Level Competition Team prior to audition.
*Students who meet requirements throughout the year can be added to the team by Director only!
Jumps:Front Leap
Back Leap
Seconde Leap
Crossover Leaps
Renverse' Tilt Jump
Switch Leap
Firebird Leap
Switch Firebird Leap
Switch Seconde
Switch Arabesque
Turns:Pirouette (3 and up)
Pique Turns (multiple)
Attitude Turns (multiple)
Seonde Turns
Fouette Turns
Double Heel Stretch Turn
Double Penche Turn
Flexibility:Over Split (Right and Left)
Center Over Split
Heel Stretch (Front, Side, Back)
Developpe' Tilt
Developpe' Layout
*Highly Recommended for consideration
Cartwheel (hands and elbows)
Chest stands
In and Outs
Front and Back Walkover
Handstand Kip Up
Arabesque Dive Roll
Head Kip Up
Kip Up
Back Handspring
Back Handspring Step Out
Aerials (Front and Side)
Rolling Tinsica
Standing Tuck
PerformanceAttention to Details
Quick Pick-Up
Versatility and Artistry