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Studio Guidelines

Studio Guidelines

To Keep Everyone Healthy and Happy, PLEASE read over our studio guidelines to have a safe and productive summer intensive.

Guidelines are as follows:

• Do not send your child in with a temperature or any signs of sickness (or if they have been exposed to anyone who has been sick).

• Dancers will check in at the front door and receive hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the studio. We will also encourage hand washing during any breaks.

• No parents will be allowed in the studio. Parents must drop students off at the door and pick up at the door.

  • Parents must meet students at the door for any drop-off lunches.

• Please arrive no earlier than ten minutes before your scheduled practice to limit the number of students in and out. Students must leave the studio immediately when they are done.

• There will be no partnering classes and/or in choreography at this point to best adhere to the 6-foot social distancing policy recommended by the CDC.

• All equipment will be wiped down and sanitized in between each class and at the end of each day.

• Dancers should bring their own Sealable and LABELED water bottle and personal hand towel for sweat. There will be water sold at the facility for the girls to refill their personal bottles.

Possible questions:

Q: Is my child required to wear a mask?

A: Since we are practicing the 6-foot guidelines for rehearsals we will not require a mask.

Q: When do you expect the studio to reopen for regular classes?

A: We have decided to officially reopen in Fall 2020 for all regular scheduled classes. 

NEW STUDENTS are welcome but must register on our portal through our website when the 2020-2021 season registration opens. If you are looking to submit for the competition team, check the website ( www.infinitedancetheater.com ) for how to submit or contact sjohnson@infinitedancetheater.com for more information.

We know questions may arise and we are doing our best to communicate and keep everyone safe. You will be alerted if there are any new developments. Please remind your dancers of the importance of social distancing upon their return to the studio, especially as their pores will be open from sweating. We would LOVE a hug, but it’s not quite time for that!

We are looking forward to seeing our kids and keeping everyone safe as we transition back into the studio!! 

From the Infinite Family!!